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Positive News From Afghanistan

14 March, 2008

Kip, over at Abu Muqawama, has some positive news from Afghanistan. Apparently the 3rd Kandak (battalion), 2nd Brigade, 203d Corps – operating in the southeast of the country – was evaluated last week as “the first Afghan battalion capable of planning, executing, and sustaining COIN operations independent of the Coalition”, demonstrating “execution, standard operating procedures, logistics support, intelligence collection and analysis, and leadership… commensurate with what we would expect in any professional army”.

While congratulating the kandak commander, and the embedded trainers, Kip has this valid point to make about the process of standing-up indigenous forces in COIN environments:

Now, it is worth noting that the first unit that reached this level reached it six years into the war in Afghanistan. The unit itself had been operating as a unit for three years. For those who think advising is ever going to be a short-term, low resource mission, think again (and this level of readiness was only achieved by dropping previous requirements that the unit be able to provide its own indirect fire and medical evacuation).

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