Help on Using this Site

This page is intended as a guide to using the IRG blog, and is aimed particularly at those not familiar with using blogs.

Viewing Posts
The ten most recent posts made by IRG authors are displayed on the IRG homepage. In addition, there are a number of ways to view previous posts.

All posts are assigned a category, such as ‘Recommended Reading’, or ‘Event Notice’ – to view all posts within a category, click on the appropriate link in the ‘View Posts by Category’ section of the menu bar that runs down the right-hand side of the site.

All posts are also assigned one or more tags, such as ‘InfoOps’ or ‘Afghanistan’, which describe the subject-matter of the post – to view all posts on the same subject, click on the appropriate link in the ‘View Posts by Tag’ section of the menu bar. Note that the size of the link provides a rough indication of the number of posts with that tag.

In addition, you may use the ‘Archives’ section at the bottom of the menu bar to view all posts published in a particular month.

Writing Posts
If you are an IRG member and would like to contribute posts to the site, please contact the site’s administrator by emailing You may either simply email the content that you would like posted, or if you intend to post regularly, you may ask to be set up as a Contributor, allowing you to post directly to the site.

NB: If you are not an IRG member, but would like to make a guest posting, please email the administrator with details of your proposed post, and your professional affiliation.

Viewing or Adding Comments
While only IRG members may contribute posts to the site, anyone may add comments to existing posts. To view or add a comment, click on the title of a post. Any existing comments will be viewable at the bottom of the page that opens. To add your own comment, simply type into the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.

The blog offers a number of subscription options, which allow you to keep track of activity on the blog without having to visit the site each day. You may choose to subscribe to new posts on the site made by IRG authors, and/or to new comments made by readers of the site. Subscription is possible either by RSS or by email. For more information, click here.

Static Pages
In addition to posts and comments, the blog also contains a number of static pages. These may be viewed by clicking on the links at the top-right of the menu bar. The titles of these pages are fairly self-explanatory.

The About the IRG page provides an overview of the Insurgency Research Group.

The IRG Members page provides the names and professional affiliations of IRG members, while a password protected sub-page provides members’ contact details. If you are an IRG member, you may request the password by contacting the IRG administrator at

The IRG Papers page is intended as a repository for articles and monographs produced by IRG members. If you have produced a paper and would like it included, email the administrator either with a link to the article if it is already published online, a bibliographic reference if published in hard-copy, or a copy of the text for publication on the IRG site.

The Contact IRG page simply provides various ways of getting in touch with the IRG.

If you have any comments or queries about using this site, please contact the administrator by emailing


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