About the IRG

The Insurgency Research Group (IRG) is led by Dr John Mackinlay and Dr David Betz of the War Studies Department at King’s College London. It was established in 2007 in response to the revival of interest in insurgency and counter-insurgency in the military and government.

The group is comprised of staff and post-graduate students from the War Studies department at King’s College London, and from Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham Universities; members of the UK and US defence community, including the Development, Doctrine and Concepts Centre (Shrivenham) and the Land Warfare Centre (Warminster); and individuals in the private security and intelligence sectors.

Members of the group are engaged in a variety of insurgency-related research, including strategic communication and information warfare, the development of effects-based approaches to operational planning, insurgency and counter-insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, European Military Transformation, air power and intelligence in counter-insurgency warfare, the ‘Virtual Insurgent’, and strategic theory and insurgency.

IRG on the King’s College Web Site


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