The Pakistan Security Research Unit


Thanks to the reader who provided the link to The Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU), it looks a useful resource for anyone with an interest in the area, or in militant Islamism.

“The Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU) was established in the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, UK, in March 2007. It serves as an independent portal and neutral platform for interdisciplinary research on all aspects of Pakistani security, dealing with Pakistan’s impact on regional and global security, internal security issues within Pakistan, and the interplay of the two. PSRU provides information about, and critical analysis of, Pakistani security with particular emphasis on extremism/terrorism, nuclear weapons issues, and the internal stability and cohesion of the state.”

Many of the papers available looked interesting, including:

The Jihadi Terrain in Pakistan: An Introduction to the Sunni Jihadi Groups in Pakistan and Kashmir [PDF]

Insurrection in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas [PDF]

Attacks on Uzbek Militants in South Waziristan: Issues and Implications of an Internal Jihad [PDF]



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  1. Ehsan Ahrari Says:

    “How to Win in Afghanistan”

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