Islamism in Algeria and the Al-Qaeda Threat in North Africa


Presentation at RUSI
9 June 2008

The following upcoming presentation at RUSI looks interesting:

About the Event:
How real is the present Al-Qaeda threat in North Africa?  How much is this a new front which threatens Europe?  How should we respond?  In posing these questions this RUSI Middle East Forum will trace the history and roots of Islamism in Algeria over the last twenty years.  It will ask ‘who’ these people are and ‘what’ inspires their struggle. It will also link Algeria to broader international developments in the Muslim world.

About the Speaker:
Martin Evans is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Portsmouth.  He is the author of the Memory of Resistance: French Opposition to the Algerian War 1954-62 (Berg, 1997) and the co-author (with John Phillips) of Algeria: Anger of the Dispossessed (Yale, 2007) which is also his latest book.  Prof. Evans is a member of the History Today editorial board.  He is presently a Senior Research Fellow at the British Academy where he is completing a project on political and military decision making during the Algerian War 1954-62.  This research is to be published by Oxford University Press.

For booking information, check the RUSI site here.


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