Call for Papers BISA (and ISA)


IRG member Dr Sergio Catignani is organizing a panel for the upcoming BISA conference. See message below. Contact him if you are interested in giving a paper on the topic of SSR.

IRG should have a large showing at BISA and also at ISA which will be held in New York in February. Members who have COIN papers they would consider presenting that wouldn’t fit with Sergio’s SSR panel should contact me: no later than 29 April.

The rough plan is to have a panel at ISA focused on Propaganda of the Deed and Virtual Insurgents. For BISA I’m not sure of the panel yet. What we want to avoid is submitting papers that end up on inappropriate panels. Better to go as a group.


Stability, Support and Reconstruction Interventions:
Getting Nation-Building Right and Getting Out.

Call for Papers
British International Studies Association Annual Conference
University of Exeter
Monday 15 – Wednesday 17 December 2008

Over approximately the last 15 years both practitioners and researchers concerned with stability, support and reconstruction (SSR) operations and comparable interventions have gradually come to agree that progress in such missions requires the attainment of the following four major strategic objectives: security, effective governance, socio-economic development and the establishment of the rule of law.

Strategic and operational planning as well as the creation of benchmarks for measuring success on the basis of the four strategic objectives mentioned above have been regularly drawn up both by practitioners and researchers. Yet, it has been rather difficult to allocate effectively an accurate mixture of scarce resources and to prioritise them in order to obtain mission success. On the one hand the attainment of security is crucial for success, but on the other hand, security alone cannot obtain a favourable political end state. The establishment of effective governance, socio-economic and legal institutions within a (failing/failed) state are also indispensable.

Past and more recent interventions have clearly highlighted the tensions that have existed between such strategic objectives in planning and in executing SSR operations. Such interventions have also highlighted the difficulty with which strategic and operational planners have struggled to determine clear metrics for measuring mission success necessary for implementing a clear ?exit strategy?.

Papers that address these tensions as well as the dilemmas associated with the creation of metrics for measuring mission success in SSR operations from a theoretical, empirical and/or historical perspective are most welcome.

Please submit abstract proposals (around 200 words) and the following details as a PDF or Word attachment:

Status (i.e. graduate student; lecturer; professor):
Email Address:
BISA member?:
BISA membership number (if applicable):
Posting Address:

Please submit paper proposals by email to by Tuesday 29 April 2008.


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