Images from the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War


The Rivington Place gallery in Shoreditch in East London has an exhibition of photographs from the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. The exhibition runs until 31 May. The Guardian has a review here.

A child leads a street procession during the mass revolt of 1969 (Rashid Talukder/Autograph ABP)

Child leads street procession during
mass revolt of 1969 (Rashid Talukder/Autograph ABP)

Students preparing for war in 1970 (Rashid Talukder/Autograph ABP)

Students prepare for war, 1970
(Rashid Talukder/Autograph ABP)

Training Camp, 1971 (Begart Institute)

Training Camp, 1971 (Begart Institute)



17 Responses to “Images from the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War”

  1. The Red Son Says:

    Simply beautiful. They have a great feeling to this as the image quality suggests old vacation pictures. I wish that I were able to attend the exhibit.

  2. Ahsan Habib Says:

    I have a great soft corner about 71, libarationwar. From several year I work on it and collect some pictures (may be 250-300) about 71. I wants more. Can u help me please.

  3. Ruhul Amin Says:

    Dear all,

    Greetings from – a contributing platform for full collection of Liberation War 1971 and a web community finding real freedom from round the globe.

    Please help us by providing contents and being helped, join us today!

  4. ashfaq shami Says:

    pics are simply great. wish i were there to take photos. great job, keep going.



  5. murshed Says:

    great job! very important to save our identity. thanks.

  6. Nadeem Says:

    I being a Pakistani am ashmed of what happened in the then East Pakistan now Bangla Desh. The division of the sub continenant in 1947 nearly 2 to 3 million people were slaughtered than in the years of 1970’s again 2 to 3 million people were again slaughtered. for what ” for a new country ” are the poors of all the three country’s happy – No – even today No Food, No Shelter, No Self Respect, No decent Clothing – for the poors – but still the poors love their country maybe they have nothing else to love.

  7. Amitabha Says:

    As an Indian we are happy.
    India is growing,we have many problems but we have solution also.

  8. cornel Says:


  9. Imteaz Says:

    I am proud to be a Bangladeshi. liked most of the comments but can’t understand what ‘Amitabha’ Said.

  10. umesh kalbhor Says:

    In our country, some of the Indians still want there should be a war between India & Pakistan related with the Kashmir. I think it will be the great way to tell them what exact happens when war takes place & with it how the innocent pepoles get affected with it.

  11. riaz khan Says:

    I am a pakistani. No one has got freedom. The concept of freedom is no more there for subcontinent. If we were united as one country then perhaps we would have been one of the power country in the world as one nation, but due the selfish politicians and landlords we were seperated for their own interests.

  12. adiba Says:

    excellent!!!!!!!!makes me proud to be a bangladeshi!!!

  13. Nazmul Shamim Says:

    I am proud for this action and this picture instruct that how to take right.

  14. Tuhin Talukder Says:

    To riaz khan,
    We Bangladeshis strongly beleive that, we got freedom from greedy clutch of Pakistan in 1971. Now there is a chance that we can set a journey for ultimate freedom. But if were not free from Pak in 1971, still we would be hungry,poor and exploited. We will prefer unity with DEVIL rather than Pakistanis. You don’t have any idea what happened with us from 1947-71.

  15. Raquib Says:

    Very inspiring photos but we want to a whole lot of this.

  16. Rajesh Says:

    Surprised and pleased to read the comments of riaz khan that there are people in Pakistan who think above the partisan interests of politician of both countries. We certainly do not have any enmity with muslims or pakistan.

    Shukriya for comments

  17. Raza Ullah Says:

    it is very hurting to see that Bangladeshis are using word Pakistan as an enemy. i dont think so, because the enemy being faced by Bengalis in 1971, and an ordinary Pakistanis till now is common. and that is dictators, and selfish politicians. General Ayyub illegaly occupied government and his misgovernance led to Bangladesh, General Zia killed millions and a Prime minister and misrule, General Musharraf misrule poor Pakistan and killed even innocent children and not spared women folk sitting in their houses. what bad did a common Pakistani to the bangai people, he/she him/herself bled with dictatorial governments and slefish politicians. it is very painful of hearing and reading such sentences that Pakistan did bad with Bangalis. This is hundered percent incorrect. the people of Paksitan are theirselves sufferer. it is the selfish military rulers and few slefish politicians who destroyed the great muslim country of Pakistan.

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