Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare


IRG member Sergio Catignani writes…

“Just want to bring to your attention the publication of a new book on COIN titled, “Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare“, which is edited by [IRG members] Daniel Marston and Carter Malkasian. The reviews have been done by some quite distinguished COIN experts.”

Some of these reviews are included below:

‘Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare is an essential primer for any student of this most difficult form of war. Leading authors provide exceptional case studies of 13 modern insurgencies. These authors highlight the critical common factors of successful counterinsurgencies. Just as important, they highlight the differences as a reminder that every insurgency grows from unique cultural, political, economic and social conditions – and each requires a counterinsurgent strategy. Its a must read for anyone who deals with national security.’
TX Hammes

‘This volume edited by Daniel Marston and Carter Malkasian provides an interesting and informative overview of the most important topic in modern warfare–countersinurgency. The editors have recruited an impressive lineup of contributors comprising many of the leading experts from the US and the UK. Together they provide an introduction to some of the leading counterinsurgency campaigns of the 20th century. Soldiers and civilians alike will learn a great deal here to help them better understand the challenges that confront us in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond.’
Max Boot, senior fellow in national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of “The Savage Wars of Peace” and “War Made New”

‘Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare” is a fine collection that should contribute significantly to contemporary debates about what leads to success or failure in counterinsurgency. The provocative essays reveal that such conflicts are always unique, requiring counterinsurgent forces to develop cultural awareness and learning organizations if they want to have any hope of victory. And even those mechanisms will fail if military activities are not linked closely to political objectives, and the unified effort is not geared for long term commitment.’
Conrad Crane, lead author of the new Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Manual

“A wide-ranging, sophisticated anthology that all serious students of counterinsurgency should read and savor. Challenging, candid and provocative.“
Bing West



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